manual for people who afraid to
Fall in love again
It is very hard — to be strong after bad end of romantic relashionship.
But it's very hard too — fall in love again.
When you fall in love first time, you are very happy and light. But onсе these relationships stop. And you are very sad and depressed. You can't believe in best future. But you must try. What can you do?
Firstly you need to understand that your heart is really broken. And feel sorry for yourself.
«And it will pass»
Secondly, remember that you can all survive. Time heals, everything changes.
Third, try to diversify your life with pleasant things.
For example:
Take a walk in nature
Meet your friends
Rest and think about good things
Go to an acoustic concert
Or to an rock concert
Write in your dear diary everything that you think. Good. And the bad.
You may need a lot of time. But it's important to remember a few things.
1. You are the most important person for yourself.
2. You can be cured only through love.
3. Everything will be fine. Sooner or later, one way or another.

Look at the pictures, how you felt good. And it will be even better.
With love, your Yana.
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